About Us

What is the Singapore IC

Singapore IC tech Pte.ltd is a global authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components, distributing product from more than 800 well-known manufacturers, offering full range of product including semiconductors, passive components and interconnects, as well as professional logistics and service, deliver new products and technologies to design engineers and purchase staff.

Why Become a Singapore IC Partner

  • Discount Price

    Our price has a great price advantage in the same industry.

  • Service Quality

    Customers who have worked with us have praised our service and quality.

  • Technical Support

    our experts standing by to provide professional technical support and help you build solutions.

  • Delivery on time

    to achieve our fast service, on-time delivery is what we’ve been struggling with always.

Well-known supplier of electronic components

Today, Singapore IC CHIP tech pte.ltd has become a well-known supplier of electronic components in the world since it built in 2002, meanwhile we provide OEM production service for end-users, we are supplier, but we are finished-product maker provider, reducing intermediate link, welcome you to establish long-term partnerships with us

Singapore IC CHIP tech pte. ltd. is committed to provide quality service, which has received unanimous recognition and awards, we understand the importance of having a professional service to answer customer questions and timely manner, we will continuously working on redefining customer-centric distribution strategy.

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